• I think to those people, it doesn't matter how many facts you show them, they have already made up their minds to hate him.
  • There was a show on many years ago, before your time, with William Bendix called "The Life of Riley"..he said "don't confuse me with the head is made up". All the facts in the world won't change the "true believer" who adores "The One". Their head is made up..facts are irrelevant/immaterial/inconsequential. It is an abomination that liars are embraced and truthtellers are ridiculed! :( That is the way of our world today..if my folks weren't already dead, that would kill them! :(
  • Here here and Obama is using age discrimination and lies to try to McCain look bad while alienating the elderly and our service men, He is Brilliant! NOT!!!
  • The problem is, they don't care. When people don't want a candidate elected, they'll either try to dig up dirt, or if they can't find any, make it up. It's the same every time there's an election
  • They don't care about any of that. It's best for the critics of Obama to have him REMAIN a "radical Muslim" in people's consciousness, as FEAR will compel these people to vote for Senator McClean. -
  • Better question: Do they care? The truth doesn't matter. It's what we choose to believe.
  • The majority of the rightwing zombies out there don't have a clue about "THE REAL" Obama nore do they care. Republicans are the party of parrots and sheep - they ape the propaganda without understanding it and they follow blindly where ever their goat leaders take them. Really - here's a funny example - I have a neighbor who quotes "Rush Limblaw" at me virtually nonstop - yet when I offer him proof that his words are nonsence and lies he says he dosn't trust the liberal media. Yet Rush is part of the "Liberal" media isn't he? A national radio talk show host I say? He laughs and says that's an exception - Rush is different. The guys a moron right? Well he's got friends at my workplace who do the same thing - and over at my can't show 'em proof and they woudn't believe it if they read it for themselves. Weird people - they are unable to have independent thoughts my wife calls them "sheeple" which is as good as name as any I guess.
  • I know this, but apparently anti-radical Muslim is all the rage right now!? With this stupid "war" going on. (at home and in Iraq)
  • I think Obama's critics have far more substantive issues with the man. I can't think of any people concerned about his father's background at all. Most of us are more concerned with his own background.
  • SO??? Why doesn't he cover his heart while the pledge of alliegence is being said? Check it out on utube.
  • Glad to hear that. I guess.
  • I think you dignify them by calling them 'critics of Obama'. They are merely liars trying to discredit a candidate for the presidency. They reflect badly on the Republican opposition, and indeed, on the entire electoral process.
  • Na I stick to racist per his Church of 20 years and he is a sexiest he called a reporter honey and didn't even take Hillary as his VP. He lost me at Typical White Person!
  • You are very correct. It is much more important to point out that his father was a godless communist.

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