• It can become addictive behavior yes. And is for many people of all ages. Not harmful like a drug, but addictive (just like AB can be!) to the gamer for sure. I have first hand knowledge of this in fact! I played a game for hours during the day and night for 3 years. Finally it was taking a huge toll on my health (not enough sleep) and I decided the best thing to do since I could not play just a little (Kind of like smoking...hard to smoke only 3 cigarettes a day instead of 1-2 packs a day if that is what you are used to doing) was to quit entirely. So the answer again, is yes. It can be, and unless you can use alot of control and cut back, the only other alternatives are to keep doing it or to quit entirely.
  • YEs, video games can be very addictive, and hazardous to your health. Some children spend so much time playing games their school studies, or jobs receive little attention and they beging to falter. As well, excessive gaming leads to little in the way of exercise and can help cause obesity
  • Yes, I know from personal experiance, and you see it from me as well. If I dont get my daily game time in, I go crazy lol. My game is my escape from the reality and torture that everyday life gives. I feel like I am in a different world. It's awesome! But at the time it pushes you back on things that you could be working on in your real life.
  • The thing you have to be careful of in assailing video games in relationship to obesity is that while games do involve sitting for long periods of time, so can reading, knitting, writing, etc., etc. I realize that most parents would weep with joy if their kid was sitting there reading a book instead of playing "Resident Evil." But they wouldn't be any more active. Nintendo's "Wii" is quite an interesting development. For those not familiar with it, it requires that players hold a game controller and go through the physical movements required in their video game to complete it. For example, in a bowling video game, the player must stand, lift their arm back and sweep it forward as a real bowler would as they take several steps forward. It's not a unit that will get kids to do their homework, but it is one that has a chance to get kids (and adults) out of their chairs.
  • Oh yeah I got me hooked on like a fish on a hook. I can write a book about this.
  • Yes it can. When i get a new game thats the coolest i play it until i beat it. for example i beat kingdom hearts 2 in 32 hours strait. so yes games are like a addiction!
  • yes... it even causes side effects. My little brother played the ps2 for about 8 hours a day for a whole spring break week and ended up getting a perpetual headache that lasted 3 or 4 days and couldn't watch tv for a while after that without getting a headache.
  • It can become an addiction, like answerbag. Like all good things, practice moderation.
  • in some ways it could be but if done in moderation than i would say no. studies have shown that people who play video games on a daily basis have better hand and eye coordination than opposed to someone that doesnt play video games. also people who play video games have a tendancy to have better sight than people that dont, doctors believe that playing games a few hours a day can actually help people repair their vision. and overall i think video games keep kids away from bad habits such as drugs. and could only become a bad habit if you let yourself or your child constantly play without taking breaks to be social and rest.
  • Yes it can be very addictive, a bit like AB
  • Yes, Gamblers annonymous are not only about money games.

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