• yes they did
  • 1) "In late Mycen�an graves at Salamis evidences of cremation are found, and at Mouliana, in Crete, there are instances of uncremated bones being found along with bronze swords on one side of a tomb, while on the other were found an iron sword and cremated bones in a cinerary urn. " Source and further information: "The Sea-Kings of Crete, by James Baikie" 2) "The Tjekker or Tjeker were one of the Sea Peoples who raided Egypt and the Levant during the 13th and 12th centuries BCE. They are documented as raiders defeated by pharaoh Ramses III of Egypt in years 5, 8 and 12 of his reign. Although he claimed to have "annihilated" the Tjeker, subsequent documents describe them as residing in some cities of northern Canaan. Either the scribe exaggerated in the customary style of the inscriptions, or his majesty meant that he only destroyed the Tjeker who had campaigned against him." "The geographer, Strabo, says that the Teukroi (Τεύκροι) came from Crete, in search of a new home. They had received an oracle to "stay on the spot where the earth-born should attack them." They were encamped at the site of the future village of Chryse, later incorporated into Hamaxa, then Alexandria Troas, when an attack of mice devoured the leather in their equipage, so they settled the region and renamed the mountain they saw in the distance, at whose foothills they were, to Mount Ida after Mount Ida, Crete." Source and further information:
  • The Minoan Civilization!

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