• Sure. If he doesn't like it later, it'll close back up. Now a tattoo at 10? Whole 'nother story!
  • Maybe. As long as it wasn't those wierd hole things the kids are doing nowadays. Gosh- when did I get so old????
  • At the age of ten they use the William Tell method.
  • No. When he's old enough to make adult decisions about his own body he can decide for himself if he wishes to have it pierced :)
  • No, and he would be wasting his time asking for a tattoo as well.
  • Ten? I don't know... I had to wait until I was twelve. I think I'd stick with that.
  • No. I'm old fashioned about ear piercing. I think it's ok for girls at that age, but don't ever want my sons to have their ears pierced. I did date a guy with his ears pierced though and even pierced my ex husband's ear for him, but I don't know. They're my baby boys. It's just different. lol
  • Sure, in fact I asked him if he wanted it done and he refused. I offered to take him for a tattoo when he was 15 and he said no.
  • Not even my daughter will have ears pierced at 10. Daddy has one ear pierced, a rememberance of his 80s high school days.
  • If he wanted it, sure! My grandma took me to pierce my ear when I was in 4th grade, about that age. It's pretty cool at that age. I think I stopped wearing an earring in about 8th grade there. If the kid wanted to gauge it out, stretch it real big, I'd have to think about it, but I'd probably approve it in the end. If later he doesn't like it, then hopefully he'll learn a good lesson about who he is and what he wants. I don't think much harm could come of it. It's not like he'll want a tattoo next year or something!
  • I'd have him pay for it himself just to be sure it's what he REALLY wanted, but other than that I can't see the harm.
  • yes. My son was 3 when my husband did it. I was mad at first but it was cute. +3
  • When I worked at school, a lot of little guys had them done. It's ok. He could be asking for a lot worse than that.
  • Yes. My brother was 4 when he got his pierced. I was 6 at the time and my mom offered to get me done too but I said no cos he cried and it looked too painful. But he wanted it done and if he didn't like it he could just take it out (he did when he was 10). I eventually got my left ear pierced twice. The first was the summer between 9th and 10th grade. I also got a tattoo which I dunno if mom would have allowed or not but I am sure she might have. But ya. I would allow it cos they could just take it out if they didn't like it.
  • Well for me its a big NO, however I don't mind when other kids and parents get the ear pierced. It is Trendy now days.
  • At that age, yes. If any younger, no.
  • If he wanted it done. It's not like in biblical times when it met you agreed to be a slave for life to your master.

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