• I think it's a very good indicator, yes.
  • Yup it is. Unless it says 0% which means they've probably never rated someone plus or minus.
  • not necessarily. A troll means someone who downrates the same user several times without an apparent reason. A low % +ratings given means just that they've downrated aswell as uprated, but you can't know if it's done to a few specific users or not
  • Well it's a way to look at it I guess. Some people have like 80%, that may, or may not, make them trolls. But others have like 47%, and judging from their hostile and vehement behaviour on here, wouldn't surprise me much. Still, it's no real way to really tell, and remember that downrating and trolling ARE two different things. :/
  • A good way, yes, but it doesn't tell the whole story. A user may have 30%, but it doesn't mean he's a troll. He could be a very negative person, but it doesn't necessarily follow that he trolls people on AB. On the other hand, a user with 90% could also be a troll. He could be downrating the people that he hates while at the same time, uprating the ones that he likes. Or, he could be downrating answers under a certain category, like LGBT and religion, while uprating questions and answers under Outside the Bag and Autos to cover up the downrates that he is giving. In short, it's the intent to downrate certain SPECIFIC people and categories or questions and answers that makes someone a troll, not necessarily the percentage given.
  • Huge tell-tale sign. Yes.
  • That is usually a pretty good indicator. Or, they could just be a very negative, disagreeable person. I only DR those that are offensive, insulting or abusive.
  • A very good question Never again!

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