• give the person a chance to come up with the money and have him put up a $300.00 down to hold the car add up the amount of payments meaning how long would it take them to pay it off? give them till then to come up with the rest of the money.I would hope they could come up with it because if not you will still have your car and there $300.00.Iwould put it all in writing and have it notarized and the car would stay where it is till paid off. I would check with you local insurance agent about the insurance question.
  • Yes to both! However, take a "Down Payment" under simple contract stating how long U will wait for "Full Payment". It's up to U as to whether U keep the "Down Payment" if they default or not & if U apply the $$$ to "Cost" or not. I would perhaps make it $100.00 non-refundable, to be sure they really want it. Until U "Transfer Title", U are on the "Hook" for anything that happens if U give them the car, so DON'T!!! John
  • As long as the car remains titled in your name, you are liable for any damages or injury, just as if you loaned it to a friend.
  • maybe you should sell it to someone that can pay it all at one time

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