• no the guy might have left her or died
  • Not necessarily. Single parent = choice. What you do with it, your baby and your life can be a good or bad life choice, for some people babies are a mistake, for some people babies are the best thing they have ever done, regardless of their marital status, sexual preference or gender. At least that is what I think.
  • well im a single mom.. and me and my ex husband loved each other very much... we had a beautiful little girl together.. things just didnt work out.. i dont think falling in love and wanting to have a baby was a bad choice.. im sure anyone would do it too.. now if you sleep around with the whole town and have a baby.. i would say maybe a bad choice..
  • Not necessarily. Their partner may have died, which they have no control over, or being a single parent maybe a choice they made for themselves and they maybe very happy with it.
  • Not necessarily. Some women choose to be single mothers and are very successful. Some women are single mothers due to circumstances beyond their control.
  • A lot of single mothers are victims of men who book on them and their child(ren). Blame the mother who stays or blame the bastard who leaves?
  • I don't see how anyone could generalize and equate the two. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. If a mother had a husband who died, or was imprisoned or something, that's hardly her fault.
  • No I don't think it is always that way,each situation is different.
  • Sometimes being a single mother is a good choice. For example, if you husband became abusive toward you or your child.
  • Not necessarily bad or a choice. I heard they have a high rate of poverty but there are plenty of success stories too.
  • Usually... Especially for the kid(s).
  • Not necessarily. There are certainly plenty of single mothers that became single mothers as a result of bad life choices, but some are single because their respective husbands died, some are single because they got out of a genuinely bad situation, etc.. Now, if an unmarried individual specifically intends to become a single parent and takes steps to become so, I would consider that a “bad life choice.”
  • I am a single mother by choice. While I did not choose to get pregnant (antibiotics and the pill, long story), I did choose to keep my baby but did not choose to marry her father. We went through hard times and I often had to work two jobs to provide for my child as her father lost interest long before she was born. We survived every obstacle we encountered and are stronger for it. My beautiful daughter just graduated from college in May and I can't tell you how proud I am of both of us.
  • Depends on the circumstances. Some CEOs and celebrities are "single mothers" - doesn't always mean a bad choice.

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