• I found it online and it looks like a good device to me, Quartz Infrared is not a new technology having been around for 20+ years. The Quartz Infrared tubes heat the water in your body and not the room so You feel warm when your in front of it. I had one type years ago that was a Standing type with two tubes but with any heater you will need to make sure it's not sitting turned-on and wasteing energy when your not around. Otherwise I would puck up a Consumers reports magazine and see what they say, I would consider this a major purchase as you will have it around for perhaps 10 years!
  • We researched every "safe/less flamable/space heater" on the planet- Edenpure kept leaping out even with the bad/negative reviews and comments- WE LOVE THEM- We could not believe the differnce within 24hrs of turning them on as far as comfort and room temp control supplement. Our heat is propane and at over 3.00 per gallon the fact that the heat only comes on 1 maybe 2 times a day is great. The unit is expensive but so far we are pleased that it does not get hot and sends out an even stream of warm air with no eye drying results. We also have dogs and it does not attract them like other space heaters we have tried so that they lay up against it and singe themselves. We will know better when we see how many seasons we actually get out of them or if there will be replacement part issues. But we think that they are a surprise in general and there has to be an open mind the first week of receiving them if you choose to try them!
  • I have an Eden Pure GEN 3 1000 and I LOVE mine. I barely use my gas furnace anymore and have saved a couple hundred (litterally!) bucks a month on my gas bill - definetly worth the investment. I also received a FREE 3 year warranty with mine, just visit ! It's the best heater I've ever owned. I checked the site just the other day and saw that even Bob Villa endorses it now
    • RareCatch
      Over priced and villa is a piece of dog dirt!

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