• well it seems like its the end of America here soon so why not the rest of the world?
  • I agree. I have seen many postings in the 11 months I have been here about the end of the world. It boggles the mind that so many are concerned with it as if they could do something to prevent it if it should happen. For me, I live each day as if it were my last this way I am not bothered by when it all will end. I don't like wasting time thinking the all mighty would of could of should of, that has no real answer.
  • lol we are all feeling a bit morbid today
  • Fear..fear of the unknown...knowing their life could end in an instant then what!? No hope for the future. But if what the Bible says is true, and I believe it is, (I know many of you may or will disagree with me on this point) not until the time of the anti-christ appears and controls the world for 7 years will the last 1000 years of the world will the end come. By acceptance of Jesus as your Lord you would not have to worry. Jesus is NOT a task master and His yoke is light. What is taught in most church dogma is not the Word of God in the Bible. If you would like more proof of this please write me at my email address in my profile.
  • Whenever civilization is on the brink of a new transition, it becomes fascinated with the end of the world. The reason is because it can be felt by many members of society that the world AS THEY KNOW IT is coming to a close. We are about to undergo a massive social transition, it's just that no one knows what it's going to look like on the other side. So our natural inclination is to characterize this transition as the "End of the World." Fact of the matter is that it's incredibly unlikely that what we constitute as the end of the world, which would really be just the end of our species, will happen in one fell swoop. When our species goes extinct, and it will eventually, it will more than likely be a gradual process. We will more than likely be replaced by another species, a higher evolved human, a totally different intelligent species, something. Unless we are struck by a massive asteroid, which is unlikely, the end of the world will not come abruptly. It will be a progressive decline in our population. Given that our numbers are about to reach 7 billion, that is also unlikely to happen anytime soon. People just need to chill the fuck out.
  • I have no idea why, but signs claiming the end of the world have been waving since "Day One." Maybe they are wanting to be able to blame their death on something other than their own fault.
  • I'm not, never was, never will be, unless for sure I know it is imminent..even then, my last day on earth will be lived as is every other day..doing my thing..nothing special. I think those who are obsessed are either religious and are looking for signs for the end of the world (that's why some are so Pro-Jewish..they think the Jewish States is some kind of portent to end of world)..or, they are among the more "creative" among us..who visit Area 51..are convinced Aliens have visited us..keep looking up in the sky for the inexplicable to give them a other words, they don't have a life! :)
  • Today at 5pm QLD Australian time the world may end...,23739,24323526-952,00.html
  • december of twenty twelve, the ship is hitting the fan.
  • It's the same thing as the hype about the millennium People need some fantasy excitement in their lives. They know it isn't true, but it could be, sort of like magic.
  • I know a lot of it has to do with the Aztec/Myan calander ending soon (2012) plus other factors like America going down the tubes and I think people are afraid...

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