• Taste! I'm not interested in winning contests to see how much pain I can stand, but I do like the taste of hot foods.
  • Because it's not painful to them, and they like the taste.
  • Some people like pain, for pain is a thrill, and it can even be addicting. Reminds me of horror movies and fans of them . . .
  • I like the kick
  • It's all about the taste not the pain. Besides the specific taste (maybe the pain) will stimulate certain receptors in individuals.
  • I am mental. Today, I put some horseradish in my mouth just to feel the burn and have my breath taken away.
  • Buffalo chicken doesn't have to be spicy. You can order it mild, medium, hot or suicide where I live.I Like a little bit of spice on some foods. Thai food, for example, at our local restaurants, comes in gauges up to 5. I order a 3 most times. Kinda spicy for me, a little sweat, a little burn. Drink cold beer with it. There's flavour in spiciness to me.
  • It's not painful at all. I used to be a mild person until I ate some Hot Cheetos, hot wings, etc. It's not bad and the taste won't burn your tongue.
  • They can be excited with those painful foods.They are fond of that kind of feeling.
  • Whatever pain comes is eclipsed by the flavor, the pleasure, and the endorphins that are generated the fight the pain.
  • Because they already like in long ago at maybe child, teens or adults
  • Because it isn't painful to them. If you like spicy foods, it's easy to get used to a certain level of heat and move up a little to get that zing. But most of all it's for the flavors. Some very tasty things are more tangy, zippy, and hot. I don't like super fiery hot if there is no payoff for more great flavor. I don't want it hot for hot's sake. I am only interested in flavor, not winning a contest.
  • Right now it does not bother them, but in years to come they are in for it.
  • personally i dont think they are painful. i LOVE buffalo chicken and hot sauce and salsa and all that good stuff. im from the south. thats all we eat, oh and sweet tea. hahaha. its good plain and simple
  • I love 'em. Why? Dunno. Can't tell you *why* I like classical guitar, girls butts, pecan pie either - but I do. :-) +5
  • Dont know...I just like it. I have been eating hot peppers since I was 7 years old....40 years now. I have become pretty immune to the heat and it does not bother me. There is a lot of flavor in those peppers.
  • Because aside from the pain, the foods do add flavor. I like the taste of wasabi with my teriaki sauce on Sushi. The good thing about Wasabi is that it only burns for as long as it's in your mouth. A glass of water clears it up better than it would a Jalapeño pepper.
  • I like mildly spicy foods. If something is too spicy for me but I like the flavor, then I just take smaller bites and combine it with a culinary coolant. ;) One example of a culinary coolant is the cool yogurt dip that they provide at some Indian restaurants.
  • Did you know if you gave someone who was having a heartache cayenne tinture (you can buy it a health food stores) they will come out of a heart attack. The heat creates circulation in your body. If you accidentally get it in your eye it really won't hurt it. It is just a little painful. Even on your skin, it is not irritating the skin it is bringing the blood to the surface. I put cayenne tincture in my water everyday for health benefits besides circulation. If my kids start getting a soar throat I give them the tincture and it clears it up in a day. If we get a bad cut I pour it on the wound and it stops the bleeding right away.

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