• Look up adoption agencies in your area and sign up with one of them. Sometimes they'll cover the expenses, too. I hope it all works out for you. I wish you the best.
  • Other than putting the baby up for adoption, I don't think so, no. I would strongly discourage illegal abortions which can be very dangerous.
  • Adoption is a wonderful thing you can do for another person. If you don't want to carry the child, abortion is your only option. In many places you can qualify for reduced cost or medical care assistance if you can prove your financial need.
  • With pregnancy, there are only two options, you either have an abortion, or you have a baby. That's all. After the baby is born you have a lot of options, and the best one for someone in your situation is to give it up for adoption, arranged in advance.
  • you don't want it or you can't have it.. which one. you have only 3 options. give birth and raise it, give it up for adoption or abort..which I beg you not to do. thre are so many people who would LOVE to adopt your baby. Look in the paper for ads for adoption or contact an adoption agency. in 99% of the cases, the adoptive parents pay for all cost of the birth and may even be able to give you extra money for expenses like rent. If you abort, I promise you that you will be emotionally scarred for's a quick fix but at a lot of may not ever be able to get pregnant will suffer emotional scars FOREVER.. some women have depression so bad that they have to go on disability because of the guilt. They dont' sleep, eat or function. I understand what it's like to be in a position of an unexpected pregnancy but please don't do something you will later regret.
  • Hello! My husband and i cannot have children and would desperately love to adopt your baby! My husband and i are both 23 years old and very happy in our Marriage! Please call us anytime 9184243098!
  • Is there a medical reason you can't have the baby? If so, talk to your doctor about what you can do.
  • I hope it turned out OK for you. I think the information you were looking for that nobody gave you was this: It is too late for this now in your case. Other readers still may benefit though. Go see a doctor and get the facts and make your own decision. Don't let all of these bible-thumpers affect your decision and do something you don't want to.
  • I would generally discourage illegal abortions, but if you can slip over the border to Canada to get one go for it. It's not as simple as having the baby and having it adopted as some people are saying, the emotional pain you would go through giving it away would be much greater than any (supposedly) you would go through having an abortion.
  • Have it.
  • You can go to planned parenthood and they can talk to you about all the options that you have, and they are legally obligated to be neutral on the "churchy" ways. And if you are unable to afford their services they offer sliding scale fees.
  • I would love to raise your me
  • Options: * Abortion * Adoption * Keep it Go to Planned Parenthood and discuss your options. They are there to help.

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