• It could be an intermittent connection on a circuit board somewhere, where when it warms up, the connection breaks until it cools down again. Or it could be that the it's overheating and shutting itself off. Is there anything blocking the cooling vents, maybe? If there's nothing blocking the vents, I think you need to take it in to get fixed. If it's a fairly old set (8+ years), you'll probably better off just buying a new set, sad to say.
  • Panasonic provided the following suggestions and it worked for me. Please verify if the timer feature is set. Press Action, select Timer then press Action. Select SET under Program Timer then press Volume Right to select NO. Press the Action button twice to exit the menu. If the unit still has the same problem, try to reset the TV. Turn the unit on. Press and hold the Action and Power button together on the unit for about 5 seconds. Self Check will display. Turn the TV off then back on after 5 seconds. If the unit still has the same problem, we recommend having the product checked by a service center.
  • Devil posession. I suggest you have it exorcized
  • its probably broken, get another one

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