• What's hilarious is that Kurt had pneumonia at that specific time and was seen, and personally confirmed his illness, and lack of "partying". He drank water and orange juice throughout most of the tour. The drug found in his system was one that Kurt had never been a frequent user of... but Courtney was. I forget the name of the drug but it's Dy..something. The form of the drug that Courtney preferred was taken orally, often introduced to water or acidic juices to make it dissolve. Evidently the drug fizzes like antacids. Easily undetected by an ill man. She claimed he had taken 50 pills... none were pumped from his stomach(because however many she slipped him dissolved prior to ingestion). Kurt was fully dressed with a heavy winter corduroy coat on, clutching $1000 in American currency in one hand, and an apparent letter to Courtney regarding his numerous threats of divorce. So wait, I'm going to write a depressed, distraught letter to my wife explaining my discontent, take all of the cash that we've got, get fully dressed.... and then take a bunch of pills so I can O.D. Not very logical.. and awfully ambitious for a man open proclaiming his inherent laziness. Sorry for such a long answer drastically diverting from the question! Sometimes I can't stop what I'm writing. I don't know much about Pat Smear, but I'm about to find out!

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