• When did your asking about shows jumping the shark, jump the shark?
  • It never did! It's a TV show, it can be irrational.
  • Periodically the show does have it's moments, often in "filler" episodes I suppose where, should they have continued at that pace I would have been forced to agree that the show had jumped the shark. Season 4 came desperately close but the woes created by the second meteor shower rebounded the series. (Oh, the two worst episode of the series: "Thirst" and "Void".)
  • When they said: "hey, let's make Lana a witch".
  • I still love Smallville, it's great... The feel of the show has definitely changed drastically and it's not really about a teenage Superman any more, just an alternate universe Superman where he is still developing when his worst enemies appear to challenge him. It's still my favourite show ongoing show at the moment. I've seen every episode so far and I love it.

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