• No...all my really good friends are sill my really good friends. We have been there for each other through marriages, divorces, death, children running amuck, addictions, depression, and a whole lot of really good times that seems to balance the rest.
  • It's more due to me moving out of the state I grew up in. Some friends also became scarce after marriage.
  • Yes. Especially since we live in different states. I still have contact with my best friend from school, but we are not anywhere near as close as we used to be.. With time and distance, you'll have that, I suppose.
  • Friendship, like love needs to be nurtured; this said, the process of growing old only separates you from those friends whose friendships you did not nurture.
  • Yes, as I grew up and became an adult... she unfortunately did not and her college hard partying and drunken ways seemed to conflict with who she used to be and she never really grew up past that stage of ehr life.
  • Certainly. The friends I had in high school up and left, and I probably will never have much contact with them any more. Then again, I am a completely different person now, and while we are taking different paths in life, vocationally speaking, we are taking different paths as people.
  • My friends from high school and my early 20s and I just became different people. Most had children before I did, or got married before I did, and those two decisions are seriously life altering. I just didn't fit in with them anymore. They had bigger resposibilitis than hanging out with me. No hard feelings, it just happened.
  • True,I have retained much of hippie lifestyle and have lost many friends that are deep in debt and still searching to be millionaires.
  • I wouldn't say that I have grown apart from my high school/college friends, just grown differently. At one point we were all like-minded as far as partying, enjoying single life, and making friendships number one. Now some are married, some have children, and some are still in bars most weekends.
  • I got married straight out of high school, so that burned a lot of my friendships. Though on my facebook, I have a ton of people on there that I went to high school with, I maybe talk to about 6 of them, none of which I consider "friends"; more acquaintences, really. Seems every friend I've made has left within a couple years. Incidently, they all seem to go after I actually tell them they're my 'best' friend.
  • Yes. It makes me very sad, but I have accepted the reality that a few of my closest friends and I have drifted apart due to growing older, time/distance, and changing priorities in our lives.
  • yes. time changes things. marriage, family, jobs, relocation. it all changes things. even the friends I had 5 years ago are no longer in my life. I have changed so many of my personal beliefs lately as far as my belief in God and things that we just grew apart. In today's world, people are so busy just trying to make a living to "live" that it's hard to really find time nurture a friendship
  • Well yes, It was kind of inevitable. I am in Hawaii and they are in Michigan.
  • yes i had to move and now i'm far away from my best friend of 11 years its been 2 years since the move and we still call each other every now and then but our phone calls are getting farther and farther apart and shes turned into a totaly different person. i miss the old times when we used to hang out.
  • Yes people change.....
  • Oh yes, quite a few. People get older, go off to college, joined the military, get married, have kids. Those who were really "true" friends still keep in touch even if we don't see each other anymore (some live out of state).

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