• Because God is more powerful and he allows the good things.
  • because he can't make our decisions for us he just tries to influence us to make the wrong decision, but sometimes humans can withstand his influences and make the right decisions.
  • Because if Satan exist then his opposite must exist and his opposite is what we know as God. Satan's evil and God's good balance each other out. The ever lasting battle of good vs. evil
  • Satan is always willing to let good things happen, provided that good things distract you from the best things. A good job, nice family and fun weekends are very good things, but if they keep you from going to church you've been distracted from what Jesus called the "one thing needful."
  • Satan is the Yang to God's Yin. Everything has a balance. Satan exists. He's personified negative energy. God and Satan are ways for us to simplify the ways of the higher power of the universe.
  • without good, there is no bad. Satan probably knows that you can't have everything (he's reasonable like that)
  • When Satan alllows good things to happen there are two logic according to me: -First Satan wants to give us all, so when we have achieved all we could say, "I am self-made, I rec'd stregth from myself" thus generating pride and ego. This pride is what satan will use later against you to destroy your relationship on the earth and heaven. -Secondly, in every thing we get, last word always comes from God. Thus when we surpass the temptations of Satan, we recieve good things from God. Now to the argument why does God allows bad thing to happen? If you believe, He will turn all bad things in your good. He does not fail us, even on the earth where Satan has a stronghold because He gives way to Satan, but only for limilted time.
  • He lets good things happen to cause bad things. Lets say you wanted an enxpensive present for your birthday, parents say no we're too poor right now, satan has your parents buy it for you. Result: you get something good, parents are broke, no money, and the problems will start beginning.
  • Satan is the personification of evil. Satan is strictly a metaphor for the troubles in the world. God teaches that we can overcome Satan and therefore we can overcome evil.
  • It is God that is allowing good things to happen. The Creator is “the giver of every good gift and every perfect present” If you believe in the Bible, you have to believe that Satan is real. Jesus not only believed he existed but called him “the ruler of the world.” (John 14:30) The apostle Paul called Satan “the god of this system of things.” (2 Corinthians 4:4) And the aged apostle John said: “The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.”—1 John 5:19. If you disagree with John, think of recent history. Consider the death squads and the use of torture by governments. Remember the wars and genocides our generation has seen. And what about the vicious crimes headlined in our newspapers—the mass murders, the rapes, the serial killings, the sexual abuse of children, to name just a few? Could anyone but Satan be the god of this world? THE Devil and his demons have long tried to hinder the preaching of the good news by means of false religion and spiritism. The Bible speaks about Satan’s evil intent at 2 Corinthians 4:4 where it states that “the god of this system of things has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, that the illumination of the glorious good news about the Christ, who is the image of God, might not shine through.” But Jehovah God is stronger than Satan. There is nothing that Jehovah’s enemies can do to stop the accomplishment of his divine will, which is that “all sorts of men should be saved and come to an accurate knowledge of truth.” (1 Timothy 2:4) Be assured that Satan exists. He is merciless and vicious, and he is stronger than we are. So run for protection to One who is even stronger. “The name of Jehovah is a strong tower. Into it the righteous runs and is given protection.” (Proverbs 18:10) Take shelter with Jehovah God, and know that soon mankind will be freed from the influence of that evil one, Satan.
  • Satan doesn't exist as a real entity,just like the gods and jesus mumbo jumbo is a load of made up rubbish. Hey,.,but it's great for a life of laughter for us Atheists because it causes the religious freaks no end of trouble and angst. Check out Normalbobsmith,.,.,laughing about the goddy gumbies is heaps better than the useless activity of prayermongering for forgiveness for having a good time.
  • Satan and God lies within you....
  • Are they good?
  • Too sleepy 'cause of alla recent business he's been doin'?! ;-)
  • He doesnt LET anything happen. He is nowhere near as powerful as God and has no control over it.
  • God is the sovereign. Satan is allowed a certain amount of influence and activity, but ultimately God restrains how much Satan does. The better question is, with so much sin in our lives, why does God let good things happen to such sinful people?! God is the blesser and He bestows good upon whomsoever He chooses as He chooses.
  • lol :D
  • satan/evil ,exists and so does God/good....he is the Almighty....he is powerful but will never be as Powerful as the Creator....and actually, we can overpower satan/bad/temptation....He does all he can to stop he did all he could to destroy the baby Savior..even to destroy Jesus before HE willingly SACRIFICED HIMSELF....but i said....he can't stop the Almighty or his PLAN for HIS..... good will always be here, just maybe not 'much good' in the END with Job...good...he simply could not overpower Job's Faith in the Almighty..;)
  • satan has no control over what god does.the truth is,in the end,god wins.says it in revelations..we are gods body.meaning if he wants something,he'll use his body to get it. just how ur mind tells ur legs to walk and ur hand to grab the cookie lol yeah its like that(spiritually).says it in romans "we are one body but many parts"if WE allow gods will to be done then it will be done.we have higher authority than satan because we are gods children(those who accept him,that is)
  • I prefer the opposite question actually. If God exists why does He allow his creation to mock His supposedly more precious creations?

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