• Nope, my parents are quite permissive.
  • No my parents would never intrude in my personal life. We have mixed race marriages in my family. We are quite a melting pot.
  • never doesn't matter just as long as they treat me right and make me happy
  • twice: - because of the color of the skin. - because of the age. -_-''
  • Yes, I was forbidden to date my husband because he's Catholic. I ended up moving out on my own so that I didn't have to follow their rules.
  • Well...kinda my mom was perfectly fine with whatever choice I would make in my life. But on the other hand, they guy that calls himself my father said he would disown me if I ever dated a ¨black man¨ or became a lesbian. They divorced when I was really young...and have totally different views on things...
  • Yes, when I was 18 my Mom said I could not date an underage boy as long as I lived under her roof, so I moved in with his family, and his Mom signed for us to get married.
  • Nah. I don't think my Mom or Dad would care what race she was.
  • Only once, I was 15 and in one of those innocent relationships, where you talk on the phone and pass notes(I had known the boy since I was 13 but my parents didn't meet him till 15). Well, my rents met the dad didn't like him said I couldn't see him because he looked a little "rough around the edges" (sexy;)). When I turned 16 I ended up losing my virginity to him and it's almost 10 years later and we're still "friends".
  • No, they never told me directly whom I can or cannot date but my Dad often looked down on certain types of men and black people.
  • No, they wouldn't dare. They're good people.
  • Gender lol. I fixed them up good tho, they're sweet people just very closed minded. All you have to do is find a way to get that mind a little bit cracked.
  • yeah... im still only allowed to date jews (im jewish) but i have broken the rules a few times without them finding out!
  • It never happened as I met and married the same girl who is still my wife to date. I am not dead sure my parents would not have intervened if they thought it would be bad for me. Regards.
  • My mom would never do that, because she believes that you don't have any control over who you love, and ethnicity/race/religion is just superficial. My dad, on the other hand...told me that if i ever dated one of "them" (meaning anyone not white/christian) he would kick me out of the house and disown me. Which is really hard because right now I'm dating a Spanish dad has yet to find out.
  • No.Too bad they didn't forbid dating boneheads.
  • nope, my parents are really accepting.. she likes people for who they are not what colour skin thjey have or what country they come from..
  • Yeah, they were pissed when I started dating a man 16 years older than me. Apparently in all their worldly wisdom they decided that the number of birthdays someone has seen is an important aspect of a relationship. Of course, neither of them ever tried it, and there are... five or six failed marriages between the two of them. Not the people I'd be taking relationship advice from. Oh, and we're married now. ^_^
  • Yeah, when I was about 15 there was this older guy, I think 21, who asked me out and was going to pick me up on his motorcycle, he was just sooo hot. My mother squashed it. I can totally understand now!!!
  • My mom forbade me having any relationship with any woman lol. Not really but she joked about it alot which meant she would rather I didnt have any woman friends. But she made it crystal clear that she did not want me involved with any sluts. And I listened to her.
  • 2nd Kings 5, Leviticus 13-15, and Numbers 12
  • My mother, Gawd rest her soul, NEVER questioned or disapproved of anyone I dated. She trusted and respected my judgment and choices.
  • no..but then even as a teen i FORBADE myself certain cultures,races, sorts, and beliefs(atheists,mostly) that I felt for me and my future ,life and children) , would never work..... but if my daddy had EVER said ,NO, absolutely not...then I would of respected that....i could not of sneaked.....
  • yes... my parents do not approve of me dating other races..... they care.. they care too much and i have to obey.... cause i love them.
  • not my parents but 3 of my ex gfs parents. it cause im white, lol
  • My parents did when it came to blacks and I told my sons that I didn't want them marrying blacks or asians. My wife's parents said the same about blacks but has since apologized to my wife and her siblings and told them race didn't matter and being happy was all that mattered. So now my wife's clan permits everyone into the family and they have a lot of love for their family and friends. I still don't want my sons married to blacks or asians. My wife thinks I'm an a$$ about this.
  • i wasn't allowed to date anybody who wasn't white growing up. my mom made me break up with a great guy because he was Filipino. little does she know that i dated one black guy for 6 months & one black girl for a few weeks. i wasn't allowed to date girls either, but i did anyway.

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