• Being the little sister of 5 brothers I was definitely the "torturee".
  • Being oldest, I was obligated to be the torturer! ;-)
  • I was the baby girl of 5 girls. I was definetly NOT the torturer, maybe an antaginizer but never a torturer. My sisters hated it too because they always got in trouble for picking on the baby. There is also a 5 year age diff between me and the next oldest. So I never had to do any of the chores, they hated that. I just played with my friends and listened to alot of Madonna & Cindi Lauper...80's
  • Oh yea i was the torturer my little brother caught hell.
  • I was definitly the "torturee, oh boy, was I ever:(
  • Torturee! I was the older and my brother was a "blue baby" who had an exchange transfusion within the first 24 hours. (product of a neg and pos blood type parents.) He also had club feet and had them put in casts within the first 24 hours of birth and wore leg braces until about age 6 or 7. (He served in Vietnam as perfectly fit.) He also had bright orange red hair. My parents treated him lots different than they did me as the one who was 'ill' and needed special treatment. He learned to exploit that and made my life miserable.
  • Always the torturer.
  • neither, I was the scapegoat. my mom KNEW that the twins were not capable of fighting with eachother unless I was instigating it. one day that caused her foot to go into her mouth so deep it was wearing the other foot like a glove. they were fighting down stairs so she ordered me to my room from the top of the stairs, I was right on the other side of the fireplace 3 feet from her. though she still believed it was usualy my fault she stoped accusing me unless she had evidence which she never did because it wasn't my fault.
  • It was more of an equal balance. :)
  • torturee but it made me the strongest as an adult
  • Both, as a child i was tortured because i was the only girl with 2 older boys who wanted to try the latest wrestling moves on me...and cut my hair :( but i got older...and pretty tall and now im a PMSing bitch to them. We get along great though LOL...even tho i made it sound horrible, gotta love the sibs...even the oldest one who is overly protective and irritating.
  • I was the youngest of 4 (and there was 5 years difference from my age to the youngest of the other three), so I was the torturee!
  • Oh I was the torturee, for sure!! With three older brothers and two older sisters, how could I not be. My oldest sister once tried to brain me with a golf club! When my other sister got that from her, she tried to break my arm. And one of my brothers thought he was a drill sargent. What a dink he was!!
  • I was the youngest, thus, the torturee.
  • I was the second-born and became the Igor to the main torturer - yehs mahster...
  • my sister and i pretty equally tortured one another. she nurtured more than me. as an experienced torturer, maybe i could get a job in the department of homeland security.
  • My sister is 6 years older than me so I was definitely the torturee. I must have gotten over it though, I am cooking charcoal grilled hamburgers and I just called and invited her over. :-)
  • Like Granny Robin, I am the youngest with three older brothers and two older sisters so I was the torturee. But since there is 10 and 11 years difference between me and my sisters it was always the brothers who would find ways to make me cry or make me fume! But if mom caught wind of it she'd make them run the pony path! ;o)
  • I was the middle child so I mediated between the torturer and the tortured
  • I was the torturee.
  • Torturee, I am the littlest.
  • Until my little brother and sister came along I was the torturee, having been tortured by my 2 older brothers. Then they came along and I finally had someone to torture of my own! heheheheheheh
  • I was always the torturee.
  • I was older and definitely the torturer. But it wasn't my fault he was so gullible. I once convinced him you could tell time by holding you're hand up to a cell phone tower...he was 13.
  • Being the youngest of six kids, I would have to say that I was tormented more often than I being a tormenter.

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