• Kissing undoubtedly began in the prehistoric mists of time. Face-to-face intimacy -- including kissing -- is part of human sexuality and sexual arousal.
  • It is our mating ritual well one of them.All creatures have a mating rituals they go buy.from spiders right up to dolphins.and us humans as well.It isnt just used for mating,when you greet someone a kiss is sometimes appropriate.It is one way of showing someone you really care,and it is alot of fun too!!!!!! how are you today broody:)
  • that is actually incorrect, anthropoligically speaking, kissing, as in initial mouth to mouth contact, is said to come originate, from a mother child realationship. The mother would chew up the food for her child. (very young and so no/ little teeth) she would then pass the food from her mouth to her child's mouth, in doing so making lip to lip contact. This lip to lip contact then became known as a sign of affection and thu translated to a show of afection. of couse esxually humans were already licking and 'kissing' each other for sexual pleasure, but the kiss as we know it 2day 'mouth to mouth as a sign of love) came from the familial love between a mother and her child
  • maybe it came from nuzzling and nose rubbing to show affection....then we just happened to perfect it

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