• some newer stop leak products do work, however i would only recogmend using them to get by untill proper repair can be made..most cases it will not always stop leaks completely..I would make sure cooling system is flushed thoroughly after replacement or repair..if your on a budget look around for places that offer radiator repair. sometimes you can get leaks repaired resonably if you can remove it yourself. Some negatives have been reported about certain products that plug htr cores, ect.with system cold drain a little coolant out of system, run with cap off untill operating temp is reached, add chemical(powders work the best-top off system, install cap take for a good drive..Follow instructions on chemical
  • With the engine cold(after sitting all night) add 1 Bottle of "BAR'S" stop leak to the full radiator.start and run the vehicle until operating temp is reached.Top off cooling system .
  • It may work, or it may not. I've heard that sometimes "balls" of the stop leak can form, circulating through the cooling system until they cause a blockage in some cases.

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