• i was having the same problem. 1) turn off ps2 with no dvd in drive. 2) turn on ps2 and insert dvd in drive. 3) when it asks about parental password, choose 'yes'. 4) when prompted for password, press 'select'. 5) the prompt will change and say 'delete password'. enter '7444'. 6) enter a new password (0000 works). 7) registration complete, dvd will start playing. 8) once the movie starts, press 'select'. 9) click the 'stop' icon. 10) click the 'stop' icon again (the icon must be gray even when you have it highlighted). 11) navigate to 'custom setup' ('select', setup icon, custom setup icon) 12) move to parental control option, press right directional button, enter password (0000). 13) move down to 'level'. 14) move up to desired level (off is at the top). 15) click 'x'. 16) go back to 'select' menu options, and press 'play'. 17) while movie is playing, eject disk and remove dvd. 18) turn ps2 off using switch on the back, keep off for five seconds. 19) turn on ps2, put dvd back in. 20) happy dance. ;) hth

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