• No. Coffin is British usage, casket is US usage. Casket in the UK is just a box, usually but not necessarily wooden, and often small. My grandmother, visiting a sawmill in the US, asked what the wood was used for. "Mostly caskets, ma'am". "Oh. And what do people put in these caskets?". Sawman blushes trying to explain tactfully.
  • They are basically the same and perform much the same purpose. The word "casket" is now more widely used, just has a "softer" approach to grieving families. Although it's a difficult question to be asked for many, it is somehow easier to ask a family if they prefer an "open casket" to an "open coffin".
  • casket is a latin term is case! the us style is coffin (americano style) ()()( ( got carried away w/ perathethis
  • Both are containers to encase the dead. A casket is rectangular in shape, often with rounded corners. A coffin, nicknamed "heel-squeezer") is shaped narrow at the head and legs but bulging out wider in the torso area, so that it is form-fitting. Some people use the terms interchangeably, but they really describe two distinct types of containers.
  • Nothing. Just different terminilogy. Usually in a Funeral home they will call it a casket. A coffin is what holds Dracula.
  • I think coffins were originally constructed of wood. Whereas caskets are made out of other materials, and can also be constructed out of wood with additional materials used.
  • About $5,000 dollars ;)
  • a coffin is made of wood. A casket is not.
  • according to "how it's made", a coffin is 8 sided - bigger at the head and torso like on frankenstein and a casket is 6 sided - rectangular.
  • Aside from geometrical differences, I would say that a coffin is more depressing, and a casket is more respectful, for connotation is huge.
  • Yes. A casket is rectangular shaped, and they're the kind you see more often in funerals. A coffin is narrower towards the bottom...think vampires.
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  • The difference is that a coffin is tappered at the feet and head often like the ones seen in old western movies. Caskets are rectangular in shape.

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