• It seems to me this is the perfect time to buy property. It's really a buyer's market. You probably won't get a better price than now.
  • yeah i would say it is
  • With the lenders tightening up on lending practices (which is one reason the market ballooned), as long as you're still a viable person who can get a mortgage, now is a significantly better time to buy a house than just two years ago.
  • If you can pay cash, yes. While your on the subject, now is a good time to buy stock, buy something low, that will recover in a few years. I made a killing after the tech bubble burst
  • Only if you have the money to buy it and don't need a loan.
  • Yes, especially if you purchase a distressed property (e.g., foreclosure, short sale, probate sale, builder bankruptcy). There are many excellent values out there if you know where to look.
  • you can always make out like a bandit by buying an empty lot or a lot with a building on it, that is near a court house, or a hospital, or high school. someone will eventually want to build there, or make a parking lot or make office space.
  • It is but- Cherry pick your properties, research previous sales for the property or those surrounding it. Make sure it has the ability to cash flow and pay for itself- In general try to buy at 25-35% of previous high value. Their is a certain "instinctive" element as well- Based on the current price does the property appear to have more downside.
  • depends on your capital if you have a lot of cash - then yes i would start looking but only at repossessions at the moment my personal feeling is we still have 6 months or maybe more of downturn but dont lose your cash! try spread it around in many different banks and hold on tight for the ride of your life!!!!!!!!
  • Now is a GREAT time to buy a property. Prices have fallen for more than 2 years. The housing decline is almost over. If you can get a great interest rate and get a good return on your investment, now is the best time to buy! Bob
  • if you have cash to buy outright, now is the time, it’s not worth keeping money in the bank with nothing interest, if you need the cash at a latter date, sell the property, banks are now a waste of time for savers
  • Now is the best time in our history of our country to buy a house. We are at 40 lows with iterest rates and the lowest pricing in the housing market in many, many years. I heard that the best place to get an amazing deal is through the Probate Process and I was referred to Probate Uncovered to get trained in this process. Good luck!
  • If you got the Cash-FIGHT ON!
  • All times are depending your situation. Are you wanting to flip it within one year, five years or more. Are you payng a price that is below what you believe to be the market value. Do you know the market. Do you want to buy to keep or develop on your own? Do you have any idea how to go about it? Do you have the money to invest? Do you want it for personal use and it was just listed for sell? Easy question, that begs about a hundred more.
  • The bottom - feeders are. I guess it depends on why. If you want to flip or you want investment income , there's some risk involved. If you need a place to live, now's a great time to find a deal.
  • I think that the market has just about bottomed in the UK I am not sure about the US at the moment. Houses actually rose by -003% last month so it could be the turn.
  • Considering the current market status, i would say you wait till the prices start to increase again.... yes you read that right increase. How would you know you have reached rock bottom in the first place?? I have heard that 3 months back and the prices are still dropping !! But hey dont wait for them to go HIGH again.... just wait till the market trend goes green. At least that is what i would do to minimize my risks.
  • I think it's the best time to buy properties. Since interest rates are low, home prices are low and everybody is so motivated to sell so they can have some money in their pockets, so it is a great time for you to buy. Good luck.
  • it take tie to sell it so wait or wait.
  • Yes, If you have cash now is a great time to buy.
  • If you have a secure job and good credit, there is no better time to purchase a house.
  • Its a buyer market right now... you will have the pick of the crop and you will get deals !! Good luck !
  • Now is probably the best time to buy property. Most investors who have spare cash are taking advantage of the opportunity to purchase property. As soon as the recession ends, the prices are bound to shoot up and thus will be a source of good profit. Also if you are just planning to purchase a home, now is the time to do so as with some search you can get the best deal money can buy with the current market
  • So long as it's legitimately purchased, yes.
  • yes i got some amazing oceanfront property in kansas to sell u

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