• I want a cocky President.
  • No, not at all. Although I thought McCain's latest campaign commercial was pretty lame.
  • cocky is an interesting word. of or like a cock. someone has to do the strutting. strut like you got it, i say. strut like you have already won. at least Obama's cock is younger than McCain's.
  • You should have been here when he was doing his local races. Do many realize he'd be just another Senator if not for Alan Keyes carpet bagging to Illinois and bringing the good Senator to national exposure. This is the same guy who couldn't unseat gangbanger Bobby Rush from his Congressional seat many, many years ago. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go save the planet and a few barrels of oil and make sure the tires in my car are properly inflated.
  • Listen, I'm Republican but forgetting that, he seems to me to be devious and deceptive, more so than other pols usually are (if you can believe that yo...).
  • If you`re fed up now wait till he enters the Oval Office. The perennial shite will really hit the fan then.
  • If I was running against McCain I would be cocky too. I used to like McCain until he showed who he really is. A throwback to a time long ago....we need new blood with new ideas and a new approach to a changing world.
  • I'm not a Democrat, but I think the way the media is fawning all over him is sickening. If he is getting cockier, it's probably because he's started to believe his own press.
  • I stay away from the TV so I don't listen to him very much. I think it saves me from a lot of BS to just look up the facts and ignore the bickering that always goes on. So nope, not getting sick of his cockiness. I usually like cockiness though so I'm kinda glad he is.
  • No Lisa..I see that the McCain propaganda machine has done a good job if you believe their crap. Sorry you feel that way. Hopefully others see all of this for what it is...insinuation/innuendo/ridicule/dishonesty/jealousy...the Republicans can't buy the kind of crowds Obama gets, so what do they do? They make him out to be a "superstar"..jealousy is a very ugly makes otherwise nice people envious enough to say whatever it takes to change the truth to their favorite mode of conversation..SPIN :(

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