• yes because they cannot cling on to dirty oily hair!
  • Yes, if the person has dirty, greasy hair then it makes it too hard for the bugs to walk around the hair because of all the oil.
  • Apparently they dont care if its dirty or clean
  • Yes. Once you've got rid of them, some heavy styling gel or conditioner should help dissuade any newcomers, as should any hair product containing tea tree oil (melaleuca). Our school nurse told me, no matter how often you bath the kids, only wash their hair once a week. Lice also like the hottest spots on the head, so they will go walkabout last thing at night and again first thing in the morning. The nurse said if you brush your child's hair thoroughly at those two times and also the minute they get home from school (when a new catch is still trying to climb to the roots), every day, then you will stop any new infestation from taking hold. If the hair is not exactly squeaky clean then again that's going to make it easier to brush them out.
  • AH head lice, the scourge of back-to-school season! They don't 'prefer' it, but they cling to it better. As others have said, grease and oil make it harder for the little bug*ers to stick to dirty hair. So don't let anyone tell you that your kid got them because she/he isn't clean. They probably came from some kid whose parents are well off enough to send their kid to summer camp - that's where my daughter got them from when school started again one year.
  • I'd have to learn the language of lice and ask.
  • never heard of that, ive had head lice once myself

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