• After working in a drycleaners for over a year I would never ever dry clean any thing leather or suede! It comes back hard, all the nice softness is gone and suede comes back hard and a different shade. I just use a very soft brush on suede but the leather...I go to the nearest Coach leather shop and buy one of their Leather Cleaning Kits, the kind they have you use on their fine leather bags! I use this on all of my leather coats...I have four! It keeps them soft and very nice. Don't use saddle soap as it has wax in it and will dry it out! It takes a little while to do the cleaning by hand but you will love the results. I would never ever use the Dryel or however you spell it! Not on leather!! I personally would never ever trust any drycleaner with my leather coats! But it's up to you what ever you choose to do! Good luck. The Coach Leather Cleaning Kit is worth the price too!!
  • The best way to clean leather is to hire a professional as they have the experience and tools to do the job! See here for more info..
  • i dnt know wot sweetiebriar thinks he/she knows about suede and leather cleaning after just one yr as it takes at least 3 or more yrs 2 learn all the experience u need, i know as ive worked in suede and leather cleaning for 6 and a half yrs now, its a very difficult material 2 work wiv as its a skin from animals so can react 2 certain stains and treatments which is y u need so many yrs of experience as u cant treat all jackets the same way, and if the leather cracks in the clean either there was a stain there that reacted wiv the skin causin the crackin in the clean or its a very gud immitation leather as ive seen quite a lot of them and prevented them from goin like that. if its stiff then it hasnt had the correct treatment after the clean, which is y the mojority of dry cleaning shops send there stuff 2 us, coz they dnt wanna take the responsibility of them, and i wldnt use the dryel bags, holds the garment in a small space and doesnt allow it 2 move around which it needs coz in one of them it can cause creases that take a lot of work 2 get out.

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