• well a man that just escaped from prison who was doing life could be an exception
  • This is better understood by someone who has recently lost their wife, their job, has no family within thousands of miles, and honestly does not give a fuck what happens next. Loss of inhibitions based on expected outcome and future relevance of an action to one's life. This means that while this individual might not normally drag your broken body down the road behind a truck after you cross him, he might do that now. Hence... Fear the man who has nothing to lose.
  • Why would a man worry about losing his life, when there is nothing in his life worth living for? Personally i live for one If i lost that, i wouldn't cross me either. And when you say jail, well the man with nothing to lose would rather die than go to jail, and therefor it becomes a circle of no fear, in anything.
  • A religious terrorist is a prime example. They plan to die so it doesn't matter what you do to them if they are caught, you can't interrogate them, torture won't do anything, they just think they are going to get laid with allah.
  • Well the man who doesn't fear of losing his in not caring. is the one to fear I would imagine
  • Yes, but if a man is driven by circumstances in his life to the point that he don't value his own life anymore, then be afraid....he really has nothing left to loose.

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