• A lot of people don't like to use shock collars but they do make one that is controlled by a remote and you can make it so that it makes a chirping sound first so they will learn that sound means they are doing something wrong. If you don't want to go that route I have found with my dog and kitten that a simple squirt bottle with JUST water in it works wonders. Just squirt him as he charges and barks and tell him no. After just a short time all you will have to do is point the bottle at him and tell him no and he will listen. At least mine did and he is a dauchshund and if you know anything about that breed they are VERY stubborn! Hope it works for you.
  • It sounds as if your Lhasa is a bit spoiled and is trying to rule the roost. He should never attempt to bite you when you properly correct him. I would suggest taking him to a decent obedience school or trainer for some refresher courses on the proper manners. Naturally you don't want to be mean to him or abuse him, but he can't be mean to YOU either.. If he refuses to change his ways, even after schooling, then maybe you need a different dog.
  • Have him looked at by your vet. There is mental illness in dogs also. If it is not that go to a trainer and both of you learn what needs to be done
  • your dog is trying to be over protective and its simple my dog was like that to you just take a rolled up newspaper or the back of leash and when he barks at people that you dont want him to u lightly tap him on the nose and tell him no..... if that doesnt work my father bought a chain spike collar which seemed mean but made it so the dog was as nice as they come shock collars hurt them severely....... so dont use them
  • maybe you go to a dogtrainingschool with him, this helps many times the dog learns to behave to ohter dogs and people and the trainer will help you how to handled him. if you have any questions check out my website at i have a lot of experience and teach dogs and people at a dogschool, all other info as well abiout the lhasa breed
  • You can't have a dog that bites you and goes after other people. You need to put a muzzle on it and take it to a trainer.
  • Hi - did this behaviour stop - i'm going through the same thing with my lhasa!
  • i don't know what to tell you. I just got bit by mine.. he is horrible when i try to kiss my wive he charges me, when i go near her he growls at me and when i leave my home , he barks at me until i am in my car! I hope that some one can help me.. i have two of the both males and both not neutered . i now have a baby just over a year and im really worried.
  • I have two Lhasa apsos, and whenever they did anything I did't like I would exclude them from my space ie put them in another room. It took some time, but eventually they learned that it was unacceptable behaviour, and they could only be with me when they were well behaved. They really ARE lovely dogs - what they lack in stature they make up with their personalities, and they will reward you daily with their loyalty towards you. Don't give up please.

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