• i turn green signed The Hulk
  • most people can tell without me saying anything but usually freedom of speech (within reason)..cursing, throwing things, slamming doors.
  • I say "That made me really angry!! I feel....when you....I need you to.....)Firm voice...appropriate facial shouting.
  • Cold treatment. I stop talking/interacting with them. I treat them as if they don't exist. They can say nasty things about me, and I won't react.
  • Most people know when I start laughing and nothing is really amusing..when I stop laughing..boom..LMAO:)
  • i just cannot give them any eye contact, im scared of 'losing it
  • i tell them.:-)
  • If looks could kill, .... that usually does it. The look that is cold, devoid of all emotion, stone faced, hard, barely breathing, hands clinched, hard stance, penetrating with the eyes glowing, nose flared!!!!
  • I put off such a strong aura of anger that paint peels and milk curdles.
  • Verbally? ;-)
  • I get quiet.
  • When I'm angry, people know. I don't keep it a secret. Luckily I don't get angry very often! :)
  • Tell them. I am not one who is prone to outbursts of anything but laughter. If I'm angry I want the issue resolved and flying off the handle doesn't tend to lead to resolution.
  • My voice gets louder all by itself.
  • I use my best 'angry' face. If online...I'm very curt or blunt and use all caps to SCREAM!
  • I rip their heads off, and sh^t down their necks ... Or shut up completely.
  • In RL, I get loud... Closing doors and stuff are noisy. I try to make the noise without breaking anything, though. (It's been a long time, and even then, it doesn't last very long!) Online, it may be hard to tell. I can converse, even when mad. Usually, if someone throws something at me, I throw it back without resorting to nastiness. If they have a bone to pick with me, they can tell me... I will explain my position. If necessary, I will apologize, and I never lie about being sorry... If I'm NOT, I won't. (Some don't understand or believe that, but that's THEIR problem.) If explanations and apologies get nowhere, or I get tired of trying to play nice, I unsubscribe or just ignore their rants. I've even taking to blocking certain emails. (Thanks to a question I asked a short while back.)
  • I yell and throw things
  • If there is some constructive purpose in telling them, I use words as rationally and carefully as possible. If it is my problem because I chose to be angry about something that cannot be fixed or made better and if there is no threat to our relationship, I just work it out on my own. Most of the time, when I chose or allow myself to be angry, it really is my problem.
  • grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! im angry!!!!! :P
  • There are several methods which might work. 1) Shoot them with a WWII Surplus flame thrower while yelling "I AM ANGRY!!!!" *blink* OR.... 2) You could be more subtle about it. Just lob a couple stink bombs and snicker as they throw up. 3) Vote republican for thirty or forty years until some real damage is caused, and then go "You know why I did that to you? BECAUSE I'M ANGRY! (and then go "RAAAAAH!! because that helps illustrate things). 4) INCREDIBLE HULK IMPERSONATION 5) Subscription to "F**k All You F***ing ***holes I Hate You!! MAGAZINE 6) Not paying the bill for said magazine (that falls under "subtle methods"(Okay, very subtle) (okay, just pay for the damn magazine so we don't have to break your legs. 7) There is no #7 ....
  • I think my face tells on me. In any case people usually know when I'm angry.

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