• Sorry I haven't got an answer, but I have ALMOST the exact same problems. This machine suddenly stopped recognising ram, + or - rw' discs, however it does recognise + and - r's. Burns them, but fails to recognise them once they are put back into the machine.
  • For both you and (moreso) the recent poster, here is a forum where links are posted to the LG firmware files. You can try flashing the drive with different firmware to see if this resolves the issue. You should obviously first try cleaning the optical pickup on the drive (the eye) before doing this. If neither does the trick, it might be time for a new optical drive.
  • I had the same problem with mine. If still under warranty take it back where you bought it and get them to replace the removable drive. If not under warranty, then you will have to balance the cost of a new DVD machine against the repair cost! My previous machine, an extremely expensive Panasonic had the same problem and they were extremely unhelpful. They wanted more than £200 for the repair, so I bought the LG instead! I tried cleaning heads etc. but this made no difference!
  • Would be interested if you have managed to resolve this issue as mine has started to do the same - doesn't read any discs !! Help !! N
  • Just to update, I never managed to solve this problem as it was a month past the guarantee and when I asked about having it fixed, they said the cost wasn't really worth it. I now have another LG which is great *fingers crossed*
  • Had same problem with rh188s 2 days after guarentee, ended up with using desktop lg dvd recorder drive 15.00 pound with cover off machine, set to cable select on drive. Works perfectly just looks awful shop wanted 150 pound to extend warrenty to 5 years or 110 pounds for new 160gb sony dvd/hdd replacement with 5 year guarentee, so bought 2 sony units.

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