• Definitely cloth. They work better, cause less rash, you don't run out in the middle of the night, you don't have to have smelly diapers sitting around until trash day, they are better for the environment and they are cheaper. What's not to like?
  • if i can get some other service to wash them i would go with cloth and leave the bin outside
  • I think we use Pampers. Seeing I'm the dad, and not the mom, I'd have no idea what it is made of because dads don't change diapers.
  • Sorry, I know that I am not being eco-friendly but I used disposable diapers because of the yuck factor. I could not see myself keeping dirty diapers around until I got enough of them to wash.
  • cloth if at all possible! a case of 40 diapers cost 14.00 on avaerage THINK OF THE MONEY YOU COULD SAVE!
  • Plastic throw those poopy things away. I know I should have picked the cloth for the answer.
    • Thinker
      biggest problem I see with plastic diapers is seeing them in parking lots where people have run over the smelly poopy things spreading poop all over the place on car tires. If you are going to use them at least have the courtesy to dispose of them properly!
  • Cloth !!!!
  • I used cloth with all 3 of mine - saved a bunch of money!!! The only time I used plastic was at night, (I didnt' want to have to change the entire bedding) or if we were going somewhere that it wouldn't be convenient to change a cloth diaper.
  • Cloth diapers are excellent for the babies skin. Plastic diapers may cause the baby some allergic reaction and their use is not eco-friendly. The plastic diapers take very much time to disintegrate if ever. Regards.
  • I think the plastic ones are hotter once you pee in them. Oh, you meant for kids!!! Oh. *blink* Never mind!
  • currently underwear.
  • Plastic diaper manufactures do all they can to keep a child in their diapers as long as possible, it makes more money for them. They have convinced parents to keep their children in diapers until they "self-train" it is a profit making ploy. Children should be toilet trained beginning around 14 months and trained by 18 to 20 months. Parents using cloth diapers save money and train their children so they don't have to wash and sterilize cloth diapers any longer than necessary.

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