• Definitely cloth. They work better, cause less rash, you don't run out in the middle of the night, you don't have to have smelly diapers sitting around until trash day, they are better for the environment and they are cheaper. What's not to like?
  • if i can get some other service to wash them i would go with cloth and leave the bin outside
  • I think we use Pampers. Seeing I'm the dad, and not the mom, I'd have no idea what it is made of because dads don't change diapers.
  • Sorry, I know that I am not being eco-friendly but I used disposable diapers because of the yuck factor. I could not see myself keeping dirty diapers around until I got enough of them to wash.
  • cloth if at all possible! a case of 40 diapers cost 14.00 on avaerage THINK OF THE MONEY YOU COULD SAVE!
  • Plastic throw those poopy things away. I know I should have picked the cloth for the answer.
    • Thinker
      biggest problem I see with plastic diapers is seeing them in parking lots where people have run over the smelly poopy things spreading poop all over the place on car tires. If you are going to use them at least have the courtesy to dispose of them properly!
  • Cloth !!!!
  • I used cloth with all 3 of mine - saved a bunch of money!!! The only time I used plastic was at night, (I didnt' want to have to change the entire bedding) or if we were going somewhere that it wouldn't be convenient to change a cloth diaper.
  • Cloth diapers are excellent for the babies skin. Plastic diapers may cause the baby some allergic reaction and their use is not eco-friendly. The plastic diapers take very much time to disintegrate if ever. Regards.
  • I think the plastic ones are hotter once you pee in them. Oh, you meant for kids!!! Oh. *blink* Never mind!
  • currently underwear.
  • Plastic diaper manufactures do all they can to keep a child in their diapers as long as possible, it makes more money for them. They have convinced parents to keep their children in diapers until they "self-train" it is a profit making ploy. Children should be toilet trained beginning around 14 months and trained by 18 to 20 months. Parents using cloth diapers save money and train their children so they don't have to wash and sterilize cloth diapers any longer than necessary.
    • Pritch Pack
      You don't know how right you are. Many plastic diaper companies continue to up the available sizes of their diapers that there are probably ones that go up to 8-years-old, and I do mean actual baby diapers, not training pants or night pants. To be fair, these are probably meant for children with autism, cerebral palsy or other disabilities or otherwise has crippling toiletry issues, not for children who have no issues going to the toilet and managing their own toiletry needs. A number of years ago, I think in the early 2000s there was a bit of a controversy by Procter & Gamble where parents had no real issue toilet training their little boy or girl with Pampers Easy Ups but when they finished toilet training, a large number of children didn't want to stop wearing the Easy Ups because they were so darn comfortable, way more than kids underwear. They had no issues with the toilet, or at least not any more than young children normally do but they just wanted to keep wearing them as their permanent underwear. Normally children want to stop having to wear diapers or anything like diapers as soon as possible because it means that they are not a baby any more but not in the case of early 2000s Pampers Easy Ups. This really makes me question of why did Procter & Gamble change their Easy Ups design? Manufacturing diapers (or toilet training pants) that are so gosh darn comfortable that children never want to stop wearing them is a genius business strategy.
  • We use both buy more cloth than disposable. Disposable gives burns and droop poor fit and cause rashes but I still use them. cloth each was made with pul fabric and fleece liner. Cloth is 5$ or less each using flour sack towels at Wal-Mart for a 1$ each making it super cheap. Zip close wetbags help keep the flies away. Disposable diapers are good for on the go or lazy days when diapers are dirty. Cocunut oil is great for rashes and keep skin healthy. It all depends on the parent I believe. Cloth comes in Velcro or snaps fit from birth to potty train but disposable have benefits of not washing yet you have to put solids in toilet anyways if you read the package it's not advised to put a diaper with solids in the trash.
    • Thinker
      Cloth diapers in my day were 3 sided. Right over left, left over right, bottom pulled up between the legs and pinned in front with a big safety-pin. Dirty ones rinsed out and put into a porcelain bucket with a lid. About once each day they were washed and boiled. folded and put away until needed. Which seemed to be often.
    • Rose Mystery
      these are modern day cloth diapers and you will see how much different it is now. i have over 200 diapers and wash every 3 to 4 days. no bucket or pins that might poke a child. no plastic pants.
    • Rose Mystery link will take you to the different styles that are made now
    • Rose Mystery
    • Thinker
      Rose the safety pin used to hold the diaper had a plastic cover over the head of the pin that locked the point of the pin in place. Yes, I am sure there were some that did get stuck at times. Most kids were toilet trained by 20 months old. They didn't need "pull ups" which is just a way for diaper companies to make more money from you and don't do anything toward training a child how to use the toilet.Parents are either too lazy or to busy to properly care for their children. They should never have children in the first place.
  • Plastic is not an absorbent material. If a kid pees in a plastic diaper ( if anybody was dumb enough to make one) its going to run right on out
    • Pritch Pack
      Plastic may not be an absorbent material, but it's good at blocking fluids. That's why old cloth diapers used to be paired with plastic pants because while old cloth diapers were definitely absorbent, there was a low risk of the pee eventually managing to spread to the outermost part. Plastic diapers essentially just combine the two functions into the diaper by itself, with a super absorbent polymer or SAP to absorb all the pee which makes up the bulk of the diaper and why they are so bulky and it is surrounded by a plastic outside so the pee has nowhere to leak out, to escape.
  • Cloth diapers are the best for your little ones. especially 100% organic cotton diapers have more advantages and it is so good for the babies.

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