• In various places in the mountain west it is still possible to go gold fossicking and there are commercial ventures set up to allow tourists to do so in Colorado, Montana, and Nevada.
  • Anywhere near the mountain ranges or any river stream. I've panned for gold before.
  • Article on Where to Find Gold in the United States
  • Any public stream or river.
  • I pan for gold practically in my back yard. I am in Nortwest Montana and live near 5 ghost towns that were gold camps that all have enough gold to pan left in them. I have also panned in Arizona and Colorado. Montana seems to have the best quality panning gold. although I have heard California has good panning gold as well. Montana has little nuggets where Colorado had what we call "flour" gold which is really fine. I never found many nuggets there.
  • i have seen people panning for gold at the beach. the waves and the tide separate different minerals by weight.
  • im not sure were in the US you want to pan but every state has gold in it somewere. I live in NH and the wild amminoosic river in bath nh has gold in it thats pretty easy to find.just bflower gold no nuggets.
  • Many places.
  • A friend of mine has taken about a half ounce from the Swift River in Maine. He probably earned about a dollar per hour doing it.
  • Washington, DC

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