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  • Baby, I am a cougar!;)
  • yeah... I told him to bug off, I was there that night with a leopard...
  • No, have you?
  • Yes & yes ... both by a cat in the mountains and by a woman in a club ...
  • I got hit by a Mercury Cougar once...............
  • No, live in the city. No big kitties here. I do however get approached all the time by my cat at home.
  • Yes and I married her. :D
  • All the time... one of our professors owns a '68 Cougar XR7...We see'em in the parking lot all the time..
  • A LONG time ago... And she was a cougar prost. My brother and I were in NY (Manhattan), a week early to pick up a friend getting leave from the Coast Guard base at Ellis Island. After having our car broken into, parking on the street overnight, having to move the car to the other side the next morning, etc., we found a garage a couple of blocks away. We went out to eat, and get something we'd left in the car, and on the way back, a young (teen?) girl grabbed my brother's arm, and an older lady grabbed mine, suggesting we ... "spend some time" ... with them. As we got to the curb, a guy stepped out of the shadows, and said, "Don't go with them." The lady stared daggers at him, and I asked why. He said, "They'll get you into a cheap room, and when you take off you pants, they'll run out with them, with your billfold, and whatever else is in them." She CONTINUED to stare daggers. We hadn't had time to, before, but said "No thanks", they let go, she said something to the guy, and we walked away. LOL Approached, no, but I did dance with a cougar when I was selling insurance on a debit route. There were suggestions (from me LOL), but she said, "I live here... You don't... In a couple of days you'll be gone." So, we just danced. Got a song out of that one, though! ;-)
  • before they were called cougars, yes. My advice: take it if it is offered.
  • Yes, just the other night, on AB, two of them ganged up on me, it was quite fun!!!
  • The cougar is here!!! ;)
  • Cougars have experience.
  • Yes one of the many problems I have being a mule deer.

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