• i can write html. it is so easy. i make my own webpages. One can learn about ten phrases and make up anything you would need.
  • Yes, very well. Is that all you wanted to know? :)
  • Yep. The basics are really easy to pick up and when you start getting into CSS it can become a lot of fun.
  • The basics yep :-)
  • No I am hopeless.
  • i still cannot program my vcr
  • Sure. Big fun. I have designed several websites for fellow small businesses :) Big Fun!!
  • Yes, I used to be very good at it and did java scripting and all sorts of fancy irritating things LOL!!! I learned from a great website : I simply went through their online tutorial, though at the time you could download it and work on it offline. Whenever something new came out, they had a new tutorial.
  • Yes, but most of my programming is done in C, C++, Visual C, and even Assembler.
  • I've written several very basic websites in college, but can't do too many fancy things with it.
  • It's not a programming language, in fact not even a scripting language. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Lang
  • Yes... I have been an amateur web designer for several years now. I dont delve deep into anything long enough to get really good, I just sort of skim on the surface. My biggest problem is the conflict that exists between necessity and skill. Or is it the desire to design and desire to contribute content to the internet? What I mean to say is that when I feel interested in learning more design, I have nothing to design... no practical goal or objective to pursue, and so even though my interest is there I really dont do much. At the other end of the spectrum, when I know exactly what I want to post to the internet, I am more concerned for the content than I am for writing a nice page, and so I get de-motivated by my designing inadequacies. Its a cycle of having no reason to improve and opting not to for more important things. HTML isnt hard at all, really. If you are going to learn it, its important to learn it to XML standard... in other words, learn XHTML. XHTML is the same thing as HTML, same exact language... just has a stricter grammar and syntax. Learning XHTML is like learning proper college English, while learning HTML is like learning English ghetto slang. XHTML will better prepare you for more complex languages and XML, it will also ensure more universal compatibility, databasing, improved aesthetic predictability and control, improved client side scripting control. Etc. XHTML is just HTML with only a handful of additional rules that make a huge difference in the long run. Keep in mind that not only is HTML markup important, but Unicode becomes an important thing, too, when you feel like embedding symbols and whatnot not found on the typical keyboard. It also helps understanding the code that appears in the address bar. It all gets pretty boring, though. You will want to learn CSS before too long. CSS will do incredible things for you, and for the look of your web page. Even then, its all still pretty dry without client side scripting, like JavaScript. That actually is programming, it makes your web page functional and interactive.
  • Yes I can
  • HTML is not a programming language, so no, i cant *program* in it ;).
  • HTML is used for show your informatiion. Think about this:you need to write something on paper,and maybe the first paragraph shoud be red,then you can use a red pen for this.But on computer ,YOU JUST BE ALLOWED TO WRITE SOME CHARACTERS, you can't get the red pen ,when you need to make a red paragraph,you must take another way to tell the computer that your first paragraph is red.FOR EXAMPLE,you can write *<color=red>abcdef</color>* to tell the computer that *abcdef* was red.HTML is like this.It is not a program language,but sometimes you must use a program language for HTML such as javascript.
  • will give you a basic beginners lessons
  • Yep, LOVE
  • No. It's a set of formatting labels, not a programming language.
  • I call it writing. its hyper text markup language. i learned the basics. i can make webpages. it is easy, but it takes practice to remember the tags.
  • hi Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the authoring software language used for building web pages. its not a programming language..
  • Check out Javascript which goes hand-in-hand with HTML. HTML is not a programming language. HTML is somewhat like a Word document and javascript as like macro. Here is a great web link to start you on your journey. Remember with programming comes great responsibility. Always use your programming powers for good!
  • If it had anything to do with computer's I can't program nada.
  • Yes, but i am beginner...
  • Only by flipping the page, changing some parameters, then flipping it back. First time I did this was with Netscape Navigator edit feature in the late 90's

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