• Kill him and then use condoms
  • i will use condoms, i promise i will use condoms, i promise i will use condoms, i promise i will use condoms, i promise...
  • That's when spanking is called for. Used to work with a guy who had a hearing aide. He'd turn it down, so WE would have to wait on customers, since he didn't hear them come to the meat counter. Now and then a kid would be crying or screaming a couple of aisles away from us while we were working. It was relatively normal for him, without looking up from his work, to say (under his breath so only WE could hear it, of course) "Somebody kill that kid". Sounds like I'd be saying that to my wife, too! ;-)
  • Laughs I am glad my son was never like that. I would simply have taken the child straight home and they would lose a privilege, they would soon learn that acting that way only cost them something they like.
  • it wouldn't get to that point to begin with. jacob would get a swat the second time he placed it in the cart and the moment he started screaming I would cary him under one arm like a football with his head slightly angled down and continued shopping, once he calmed down to be able to hear me I would straighten him up and give him a chance to chill, if he didn't back to the football hold. you are the parrent and at that age misbehavior is not an option.
  • I know what would have happened to me when I was a kid back in the 60's. This is why we should be allowed to slap our kids around a bit without fear of being arrested
  • A child doesn't suddenly behave like that - that little brat will have been allowed to throw tantrums to get his own way at home. Kids test you and how you react confirms for them whether that approach is acceptable or not, you make it clear the first time it happens that screaming and showing off are not the way to achieve what you want. Having said that it's a damn good commercial for condoms!
  • I would have never gotten to that point in the first place. My son might cry a little, but as soon as the screaming started we would have left. When we got home he would go straight to his room, no TV, no games, no toys, just books. He would stay there until he said he was sorry and I would go back to the store without him. He might have gotten a good swat too.
  • My kids would never do that. I am not even sure how a child would live long enough in my house if he acted like that toward me more than once. I certainly would not give in to behavior like that. I would strap him into the cart and ignore his screaming and continue shopping. Once he got tired enough to calm down I would start talking to him about the situation until he understood that would be the last time it will happen.
  • I'm footloose and fancy-free, and likely to stay that way for the rest of my life, so it doesn't apply.
  • Ya,if a child that old is acting that way, then there were a lot of missed parenting opportunities along the way. You start when the child is much younger, by picking them up and leaving and not giving in to what they want.
  • I did see a very entertaining advert where the mother of the horrible screaming child just played him at his own game and rolled around on the floor wailing with him!! In the ad, the child got a bit embarassed and stopped...I'm not sure if this would happen in real life...
  • I cannot even *imagine* acting like that, let alone a child of mine doing so... Swift exit, swifter spanking in the car and again at home would have been my mother/father's response and mine too, if I'd had kids. I was sent to boarding school for FAR more civilized behavior!
  • Afer my Son was born;) I got Fixed;) But he never did that;)!!
  • I'm opposed to spanking, but I think there's other good way to punish him, or make him realise it's wrong. I might just let him lie there, walk away and wait in the car. At some point he's going to realise he's alone, and then panic, which is a horrible feeling when you're at that kid's age. Or, simply not take him shopping, but let him stay home... Btw, I looove that commercial ^^
  • i would never let that happen! for one the child needs to be disciplined at home better/!~ i agree with carrying them out
  • Pick up by his feet and carry him out to the car.
  • Take the kid outside to the car, wait till he calms down (which may me a loooooong time), go back in and let him say "I'm sorry" to the staff of the shop for the mess he made.
  • I was never allowed to act like that when I was that age (some 65yrs ago) I would have gotten one swat on my butt and told to settle down. If I didn't I went to the car and sat there until my mother was finished shopping (people did that back then and cars were seldom locked and the windows were down) I was required to sit in the back seat too. No seat belts then.... Today the best thing to do is pick the child up.. put the things he threw in the for them and leave the store. When home the child would be reminded of what they did and if they understood why they were getting a spanking. Then with a small diameter switch given 5 to 7 swats on the butt only just hard enough to sting. Then asked if they were going to act like that again in public because if they did they would get another switching. By the way, I got swithed like that many times and I know it has made me a more honest and better person today and all my life! I am sure looking back I needed 95% of the spankings I got...
  • #1: I would NEVER, EVER bring any child shopping with me. #2: If I didn't have any other choice but to have the little brat go with me, before we even went into the store he or she would KNOW I'm only going to get what I need or want. #3: IF that spoiled little brat carried-on like that while I was watching him or her, two - if not all the following events WOULD happen: (I'll probably get DR for this): A] AS SOON AS WE got home, that child would be SEVERELY punished for embarrassing me. What would I do? LOTS of "Time Out" - IN THE CORNER! B] I WOULD NEVER watch that spoiled little brat again. C] His or her parents would be told AND I would demand to see or know how that little brat would be punished! I KNOW I was a child once, BUT I I don't especially care for children. When I was a child, I was NEVER allowed to carry-on like that - anywhere! I would probably get hit or spanked - no matter where I was or who I was with! Thanks for asking your Q! I think my answer shed some light on the situation and how I would handle it! VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: Some personal observations and opinions. "THE University of Hard Knocks" Also known as ("a/k/a") "life's valuable lessons"
  • My children would have never gotten to that point. I had one that started the temper tantrum thing and I fixed that in the early stages, much as you would discipline a puppy. I filled a super soaker with cold water and squirted her in the face as soon as it started. These were real tantrums, too. After the first one, I had her tested because I thought it was a seizure. When I found out it was simply temper, I got creative and used the super soaker. It worked like a charm. IF, however, one of my children tried something like that in public, I would have handled it very simply. As soon as the first scream got out of the mouth, the cart would be left behind, she would be bundled up physically in my arms and we'd be on our way out. Marketing would have to wait until the little monster was at home and in a long time out in her room. It's incredible that anyone would allow a child to get away with this once. If they do, it will happen again and again.
  • I hope whoever wrote that ad got a bonus. Use condom, my a#%. ABSTINENCE.
  • Throw myself on the ground and join him. It looked like great fun and I bet it would stop his tantrum with the shock of seeing me do the same:)
  • If that was me I would have taken him to the car and spanked his behind really goo for him.
  • What you do is you are firm. The more placated you get, the more your paving the path to more misery. Stop your shopping, IMMEDIATELY. You take your child and take them to the car, and drive home. You don't need ANYTHING that bad. The entire time you say in a mean voice "X WE DO NOT ACT LIKE THAT. WE ACT CIVIL NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM UNTIL I SAY COME OUT!" FYI: Just stating what my parents would have done.

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