• No. But I'd love to see someone try that one!
  • No. Why would you ask this question?
  • Citizens being arrested for attempting a citizen's arrest of Karl Rove:
  • Yes. Let me know when you're gonna try it out. I wanna be there.
  • You would just be able to file a complaint with the prosecutor. Sorry that a citizens arrest of a police office or any law efrocement officer cant be done. Is it right? well I'll leave that one up to you.
  • if you want to get shot execution style you can try it
  • Yes they can. The town I live in is known for shady cops who pull people over for no reason and/or lie about their speed. Because cops have no "checks" on their balance of power, they regularly abuse their power. Well, the folks in my town had enough and took matters into their own hands. I actually witnessed a citizen pulling up BEHIND a police car which already pulled over an innocent person. That citizen proceeded to TACKLE to officer, handcuff him, and successfully complete a "citizen's arrest". That cop is now in jail.
  • This depends on your jurisdiction. Many jurisdictions do not allow citizens arrests. For those that do, you better be positive you are in the right. If you conduct a citizens arrest and were wrong, you have committed a kidnapping (false imprisonment). And unlike the police, you are not immune to liability.
  • 9-30-2017 You need to remember that the courts are on the cop's side right from the start. You have to get a warrant for the cop's arrest and let the system go up against itself. Another warning: when the system tries itself, the system always wins.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Not always. I've arrested other police officers before.

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