• Well, when it's just a few inches they're just holding themselves up with the other foot. When it's like 20 feet in the air, it's cables and cranes and helicopters and a crapload of digital editing.
  • The answer is in the video I attached. (SPOILER WARNING) Some creative post-production: editing, camera framing play a big part in the final product you see on TV.
  • Check out this link, it's pretty interesting. It's Criss Angel showing how it's done.
  • They're just talented. A magician will never reveal his/her secrets. Watch this video. It's pretty amazing. Just skip the beginning of it, but watch VERY CLOSELY. (I know that this is a video of Criss Angel, but its levitation) How do you explain THAT?!!!
  • David Blaine do diet until he weighs nothing.
  • Its magic!
  • I saw this cheez dick amateur magician do it at a bar once and it wasn't bad. He held himself up with the other foot, you could tell but he did it alright.
  • yep the balducy levatation and zero graviity and are cool ideas even criss angel back view floating idea that a nother invnter done in floating from the front view landn down back wards idea criss just tweaked it a little bit use holow legg idea frame hook up an hide your your leg idea but to fly in the air use air plane wires peter pan rigging wires

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