• One of my husbands cats is our oldest, she is 18 years old. My cat is only 15 years old.
  • We have a 15year old cat named Carina.
  • My Black and White Avatar, Mickey, is eleven years old. Here is a picture from when he was a little kid:
  • YOUR cat? He lives at MY house, was dropped here from your Mom's, and you live 45 minutes away... HOW is he YOUR cat? You don't feed him, water him, make sure he's got a place out of the wind in the winter... Who does THAT? Ooohhh... You PET him for a couple of minutes when you're here! LOL YOUR cat!??! LOL And I thought it was Seymour! LOL (Just joking... sorta... ;-) )
  • My cat just turned 20 in August. We've had him from birth (his mother made it to 12). His exact birthdate is August 8, 1988. He is a pure white angora persion. He's missing all of his front teeth, he's deaf and I think he's going blind but he still plays like a kitten sometimes :)
  • 11 year old cat named Molly:)
  • My neices cat just died it was 23 shes had it since she was a baby. My oldest is a cat around 8
  • 14 yr old Chihuahua named Pugsly
  • I have a 21 year old cat (his bday was in March). His name is BOY, he was a kitten that belonged to a neighbour who moved out and left him behind. Our gain! He's been with me since I was 18. We've had some close calls but he's happy and healthy, and our two dogs (11 & 2) always take care around him. He lays with our 2yo staffy in front of the heater! He used to follow me 25m down the road. I'd cross busy road to deli, and he'd be waiting to walk back with me again! He's a very special cat in lots of ways. Good times!

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