• Yes you need pre-natal care. Your baby needs nutrition so do you. If you are not hungry see your doctor. There are supplements like Ensure.
  • as long as you are not underweiught. The baby will take from you. Im soo teeny look at my pics and i had two kids, both 8 pounds each..
  • They drinking a little ginger ale and maybe ti settle you don where you can start eating again.
  • Your baby will take it's needs from your body, but if you aren't feeding your body properly you are starving yourself and your baby. You need to keep your blood sugar levels up, and that means at least 3 meals a day. They don't have to be large meals.You need lots of calcium too. AT the stage the baby is, it is especially important. The baby is in a fast growth stage, trying to put on needed weight. If you don't stay healthy, how can your baby? It might also mean a complicated birth.
  • Aye.. indeed. Your baby can't wait to come out and grab a cheeseburger ;)
  • You don't have to eat 'a lot' in order for your child to be fed. You do need to eat healthy.

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