• around 14 or 15.....i think in certain countries it differs due to different school systems etc.....
  • 20. Thats when I changed my major from what I thought I wanted to do for a living.
  • about 8 or 9 when i wanted to be a civil engineer
  • for a living? still trying to work that one out...LOL
  • Well, I wanted to be a video game designer till I was about 20, then I realized that wasn't for me, I didn't know, then it took me about 6 months before I realized that I wanted to make movies.
  • Hey, it's my birthday and I am turning nearly old and I still haven't figured out what it is I want to do for a living. I have worked in admin for most of my (so far) career, but now I work as a farm labourer (meat chicken farm), and I really enjoy that. Talk about stress free! But I don't want to do that forever. But I still don't know what I want to do. Something with animals, horses especially, but I am still not sure if you haven't figured it out yet - don't worry. try many different things and if you get to retirement age and still don't know - then maybe you were meant to do many different things instead of one thing!
  • i'm now 46 and thinking, hey, maybe i could try something different ... i think that now-a-days, we each try on different vocations until we find what fits.
  • I knew ever since I was really little that I wanted to be in the medical field, hence the nursing degree and paramedic work :)
  • 12 I have always loved photography! but unfortunately i have nothing to make a living on right now
  • At age 12½, I was a brown belt and the assistant martial arts instructor ... and at 18 I earned my 2nd degree black belt, then opened my own school (1977) ... have been at it ever since.
  • 17 I knew in high school that I wanted to be in Marketing or Business related fields.
  • I personally liked every subject, but I wanted to get into medicine because I've lost friends and family to various things. But I enjoyed business and marketing the most, and at the age of 18, I saw my brother had a six figure salary and was in marketing.. I thought that I could still do what I enjoy doing, make a decent wage, and donate some of my salary to help fund research... as well as lend my marketing expertise to research companies to help gather funds or promote events.
  • I was around 15-years-old when I determined that I want to be a singer.

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