• Yes and No I like the intimacy of being well loved in the small community that I am living. Mutual admiration preferred. Perhaps yes as a writer that speaks to the hearts and souls of many,and/or an artist that creates images that provoke and inspire a deepening engagement with life itself, and not so much with the image maker. Famous can be a burden when it suggests that being famous is equivalent to fulfillment "....................and greater things shall ye do.........."
  • no thanks
  • No, there's too much stress in being famous. My health is more important than making millions of dollars.
  • No, vanity gets you nowhere in life but eventual heartacks. Be a disciple of Yahweh and Yeshua and you will have a good life.
  • No. Being famous means you don’t get much privacy in your life and then get a hard time from the paparazzi. I would never put myself in that position. It’s up to you what you do with your life but if you want to have hardly any privacy in your life and have the paparazzi stalking you, that’s your decision.
  • No one negative of being famous is people can publicly criticize you.

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