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  • i anal fucked my ex bf with a strap-on until he came. you just have to get the right spot.
  • whats the right spot
  • Some men can, some can't. It is all in the anatomy of the recipient. The "right spot" is the prostate. It is just inside the rectum (about 1 - 2 inches)and toward the belly/front. When you/he has pressure applied to the prostate, it will be obvious. There is a pleasant "itching" sort of feeling. It is usually accompanied by a warm sensation that pushes into the penis. Some guys can ejaculate just from stimulating the prostate. Most will just notice a clear, precum, looking liquid flows out at a slow but steady rate.
  • My husband can orgasm from anal/prostate stimulation. If he is excited enough he can cum from anything. If he is going to cum from being fingered, I have to put on a glove and use lube and then massage his prostate. It's a lot easier to stimulate his prostate with a dildo. I made him show me what felt good to him and I watched him do it the first time.

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