• Make some bread. Knead the heck out of that dough!!
  • Running. run yourself into exhaustion and you will have no energy to be angry.
  • Go for a long walk or run. Buring off that extra energy can do wonders.
  • I love to play music really loud in my car as im driving along to my favourite album, singing (or screaming) the words.
  • I call a friend and vent for a few..always makes me feel better:):)
  • Physical activity such as exercise, running, playing a game even it is handball or something. Jumping rope or hitting the punching bag can work. I have a stationary bike I can use. I understand Yoga is good for that too. I just got a yoga DVD, so I cannot say if it works for me yet. The other thing I do is write. If I write when I get angry that helps a lot. I write a letter to the person I am angry with. Don't send it. But just get it all out. It helps to calm you down. Well it does me. In the case of my hushand it makes him even more angry.
  • Fighting games, punching bag
  • Play the game Maddness interactive.
  • i think it is good to lift weights or tire youself out physically. as i find when im angry i do stupid things, so if i get myself tired out enough i dont have the energy to vent the anger in an agressive manner towards someone. . . :)
  • Writing
  • Depending on the level of the anger, you could take a bat and go beat the hell out of a tree, or bang away on the typewriter. A good bitch session really helps me :))
  • Yeah, and bitch about it, a lot.... preferably with a drink in one hand and a dirty great spliff in the other. And cry, probably. lol Drive with LOUD MUSIC - EH??? PLAY DOOM - any level, doesn't matter, as long as something DIES!!! heh heh... What d'ya mean, none of these are constructive? I build my LIFE on these!! hahaha!! :D
  • sing and take your own video :D upload it to you youtube channel then. soon you'll laugh at it. :D
  • Stamp on a woodlouse.
  • Take a walk or exercise.
  • i dont suffer from it..but id imagine long fast walks or even a jog if ya ♥ is ok with that. especially when you feel stressed/and angry/ ....take up some sport ya like..take up a hobby .cooking/ .photography/bird watching/ .wood work/.art/etc etc etc /even doing some easy community work/ or easy charity work all will help ...listen to calming music...a nice bath may even help when ya feel cranky ..think of plesant things to calm ya
  • Soing something that expands my energy and doesn't harm others. One example is walking a couple blocks near where I live.
  • Exercise, especially the punching bag. Or you could throw yourself into something physical like cleaning the yard, garage, your car, the house. Write your feelings out on paper and then burn it. Or write a song about how pissed you are.

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