• You need to find and install an audio converter - a program that, like the name suggests, changes the format from one to another. One place you'll find a nice selection of both free and shareware audio converters (and other utilities as well) is When you get to the site, look for 4 green radio buttons in the top center part of your screen. "Freeware, Shareware, Features and Search." Go to Share or Freeware>Multimedia>Audio encoders and converters" Read the full description before downloading since not all coverters do all conversions. dB power amp music converter (freeware) works exceptionally well. It's fast and easy to use, but there are plenty of others on the site that will accomodate mp3 to .cda or .wav. You'll also find some audio cd burners that will burn mp3's to .cda format, like deepburner. Good luck.

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