• According to ''... "Perhaps intended to be a feminine form of SAMUEL, using the popular name suffix antha. It is sometimes claimed to mean "listener" in Aramaic."
  • Yeah my sister is called Samantha and it means to listen well
  • "prayers are listened to by god" or "listens well".. I'm a Samantha. :]
  • It is sometimes claimed that Samantha means "listener" in Aramaic, but the evidence for this is weak. The name Samantha originated from the Roman festival of sowing "Sementivae". Feriae Sementivae, or Sementina dies, was kept in seed-time for the purpose of praying for a good crop; it lasted only for one day, which was fixed by the pontiffs (Varro, de Ling. Lat. VI.26, de Re Rust. I.2, init.; Ovid, Fast. I.658, &c.).*/Feriae.html Female children born around the period of Sementivae festival were given this name. The name Samantha means one who bestows plenty of food.
  • Samantha Origin: Aramaic Meaning: Listener
  • Samantha is the female version of Samuel. Using the name suffix antha, which means flower. It was one of the most popular names in the earls 90s. My name is Samantha. ( - :
  • It is a combination of the names Samuel and Anthea. It originated in the 1800s in the Southern U.S. Samuel= His name is God (Hebrew) Anthea= Flowery (Greek) =]

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