• If you are having unprotected sex, yes, the chances of you getting pregnant are excellent. If this is not the desired result, do something about it in terms of protection.
  • yeah... u'll have a feeling if u are.. and in about 5 or 6 weeks u can take a home pregnacy test and it should be right... i took mine at 4 weeks and it was negative took another exactly a week later and it was positive
  • you depends on wat your ovulation days are
  • How many times do you need to be told that ANY live sperm in or near your vagina can result in pregnancy? OK.. lets get rid of the myths. 1) You CAN get pregnant the first time you have sex. 2) You CAN bet pregnant if he cums on or even near your pussy. 3) You SHOULD have listened more in sex ed... and finally.... 4) The biological rules mean YOU! Advice:- 1) Get a home pregnancy test and do it. Then, if its negative do it again a couple of weeks later. (Even if you have a period) 2) Get yourself checked out for STDs while you are about it. You are old enough to get pregnant and if your boyfriend is such an airhead that he isnt going to play his part in making sure you are ok, then its up to you sweety.

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