• High prices are suppliers way of offsetting high wages, thank the unions.
  • It can. That is called deflation. It probably will cycle down in the future.
  • If they do it will be temporary and not drop very much. :)
  • Let's see...let me consult my crystal ball...........A'HA!! ....According to my crystal ball the prices will not go down much until things get quite a bit worse with the economy.
  • Oil prices are dropping.. I would say it'll be around $2.50 a gallon near Christmas. Eventually it will go down.
  • Sure they will. Everything is cyclical. But don't expect it to go down to thier previous prices.
  • OPEC: Never! Mwa ha ha!
  • Everything has a pattern and as everything goes higher in price and how the rich and poor classes separate further and further apart soon leaving no more middle class, if people want to make money, they won't have a choice. It could be ugly though...
  • I doubt it... It will only rise
  • Well things seem to be evening out. Plus, assuming McCain wins, McCain will try to put a tax break on gas, shoving it down a good quarter. That quarter will trickle down into lower prices for all goods. Assuming he wins though.
  • That's called deflation and it's not very likely to happen at all for any substantial amount of time. Historically, the US economy (or prices, basically, as you put it) has steadily risen over time. That's actually a good thing. All healthy economies do that. Also, the prices of some things may go down and the prices to other things may go up. But on a whole, prices will generally creep higher.
  • Despite the seemingly endless price increases, I believe prices will eventually go down. With prices up, some people can no longer afford to buy certain commodities. Demand will plummet, and when that happens, producers and retailers will have no choice but to lower their prices.
  • Oh yes, inevitably so.
  • I cannot remember anything ever going down in the UK. Sales yes but not on a permanent level. Once this Government gets its hands on anything you will never see it again. We can of course pray and live in hope.
  • NO. It will never go down once they get the price it will only keep going up. If the price ever goes down no one will have any money to pay with.
  • I agree that demand will go down and that should theoretically drop to price of items due to decreased demand but the fault in the system is that business (at least most of them) are getting struck just as hard as the consumer so i dont know how they can really lower there prices either.

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