• I heard if you left ur tv on pause or on the same screen for a long amout of time it will screw up the screen of the tv
  • you should never leave any console especially the ps3 on when not in use because it will void your warranty because you knowingly left it on. Even standby can damage your ps3 and t.v so when finished for the day disconnect it from the power outlet and disconnect hdmi or av cables until you next use it.
  • ...I normally leave my ps3 on all weekend, some people who run linux on the ps3 leave it on 24/7 to do 'folding at home' stuff, like SETI...but medical
  • How well ventilated is it where you have the machine? Those things run hot and you may have burned yours up.
  • Ok..first off, this site is suppose to help people figure out what they can do to correct a problem...not listen to you guys "state your opinions" on how you shouldn't do what he/she did..that's not helpping. You should check out He seems to know what he is talking about..and doesn't give you stupid answers as the people here have. Good Luck!
  • does anybody know a solution? is it broke or somehow possible be fix?

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