• Not really..if I recall there is quite a bit of traffic so pulling over would have been a hazard if you were going in the other direction and then you have the median to think about..walking into traffic from the median can often times be the last thing a person did what you could do :)
  • It is so daunting to see something like that. And knowing you are as sweet as you are, I am sure you would do whatever you could do. Truth is, though, you were going in the opposite direction. Any other attempt to help you would have made would have compromised your driving situation and the drivers around you. It was very kind of you to call. Unfortunately, many civilians don't even do the bare minimum in good samaritan acts. Good for you for doing the little that was in your control to do.
  • No. I think what you did was good. At least you called for help, I bet lots of people didn't do that.
  • i think you did a lot by just reporting it

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