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  • When i was with my ex I personally never asked about his ex.. Whats the point he is not with her anymore, and you should concentrate on your relationship together not the past ! :)
  • Yeah, there were a couple of times. But he's also told me things himself. For the most part, I don't ask because of a "oh god what if his ex was better/more interesting/prettier than me," sort of thing (though I've had a moment or two like that), more of just -- wanting to know about him.
  • i dont even want to talk about it
  • early on in the relationship my husband and I talked about it, but we haven't discussed it after that. We have been married for 14 years.
  • No, I wait and let them tell me when they are ready. Sometimes, I will ask questions, about simple things.
  • Only when we are on the subject anyway or we are on a subject in which this is a natural question to ask. Got to be very careful about these things.
  • My boyfriend, voluntarily, went on and on to me about his ex. I replied, "Did I ask you anything pertaining to your ex, jerk"?
  • In my last relationship it caused more problems than it was worth so i dont want to know about my boyfriends ex.

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